1. From your Canvas course, click the Credentials link in your left-hand course navigation menu. This brings up the list of your available course badges and when you have earned them. Click the badge name in the left column to view its details.
    Screenshot of Canvas Badges page with a badge name circled and the earned date underlined
  2. The My Progress screen provides more detailed badge information, as well as a purple Share Badge button that opens a popup window.
    Screenshot of Canvas Badge Detail with Share button underlined
  3. In the Share Badge popup, click the Social tab at the top (underlined), and then click the blue in Add to Profile button (bracketed).
    Screenshot of Share Badge popup with the Social tab underlined and the LinkedIn Add to Profile button indicated
  4. You will be prompted you to log into your LinkedIn account.
  5. After logging in, the Add license or certification popup has your badge information pre-filled out except for the Issuing organization, which should be updated to UW Professional and Continuing Education (see step 6).
    Screenshot of LinkedIn log in popup
  6. Click into the Issuing organization field and start to type UW Professional & Continuing Education. Once it appears as an option below, select it and then click Save to post the badge to your profile.
    Screenshot of Issuing Organization portion of the LinkedIn Popup