This guide is for UW Continuum College students taking courses over Panopto

Panopto User Interface on a laptop PC with link to Panopto.com

Continuum College uses Panopto to stream courses taught on-campus to students taking those courses online. Panopto shows multiple media streams on a single webpage. This allows us to show the instructor's computer alongside video of the instructor. Learn more at UW-IT Panopto


Before using Panopto for the first time please test your system.

Because of detailed visual content we do not recommend using smartphones to view classes.

No Cellphones icon

You will find the Panopto Recordings link on your course home page in Canvas. Click the link and choose the lecture you want to watch.

Canvas homepage showing Panopto folder

By default Panopto shows the computer screen in a large window and the instructor in a smaller window. Use the arrows icons in the upper right of either window to swap the streams, as shown below.

Default view, computer in big window, video in small window with swap arrows highlighted

Use the box icons to watch either video stream in full-screen.

Computer in small window, video in big window, with full-screen icon highlighted

To exit full-screen press ESC or click the icon in the top right of the screen.

Panopto full-screen

If the instructor has not attached a device you will see only video, although you might temporarily see an empty blue screen in the other window.

The playback controls located below the large window include: play/pause; jump back 10 seconds; a clickable progress bar; audio level; playback speed; and image quality.

video playback controls

There is a slide preview window located below the playback controls when Panopto is in dual-screen mode. Use the horizontal scroll bar below the window to preview all slides. Click on any slide to jump to that part of the recording.

slide preview window and scroll bar

A distinctive feature of our system is that we often show the instructor's computer in the video stream with the camera shot inserted picture-in-picture (PIP). This allows you use the full-screen mode and still see both streams, as shown below:

Panopto full-screen with camera PIP


We can add captions to recorded lectures. The UW Disability Services Office (DSO) manages accommodations for most Continuum College students. If you need captions please contact the DSO and then tell us. Typically adding captions to a recording takes two business days.


You can download copies of your classes using the download icon on the right side of the title/tool bar. The tool bar is not visible in full-screen.

Panopto download icon

Some course recordings may not be downloaded. If you think you should be able to download your classes please check with your instructor.


Class recordings are typically available 1 or 2 hours after the live stream ends. Longer classes take longer to publish.

We publish edited versions of all recordings a short time after each class ends - typically within 4 hours. Recordings are temporarily unavailable while the edited versions are publishing. Classes which finish after 5pm PST are not usually edited until the following morning.


Our System Status page will show you immediately if there is a service outage affecting any of our systems, including Canvas and Panopto.

If you have a problem with a recorded class please contact our support staff at Info and Help.

  • Make sure you include your UW email, course, and the URL of the page you need help with
  • For "What do you need help with" choose "Panopto / MediaAMP Video"

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